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January 8, 2010
  • Denizine Reillaruse

    I sem to remember I had become pretty widely known for the work I was doing on novelizing Avatar. I know that some fans are dissappointed that the work ceased. Wait no longer, my friends.

    Some schoolmates and I are now running a new forum where we hope to host a community that shares all kinds of art. Visual, Musical(like FreakyTy's Furry drawings or Azaelius's score he's working on) but the main focus is literature. There's a place to share poetry, short stories, both in all kinds of genres. AND, there's a reservation-based category where a member asks a moderator for a board. In that asking must be some of the work the member hopes to post in that board. Once the board is made, the member becomes a limited moderator of that board. And it'…

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  • Denizine Reillaruse

    Wartime mix five!

    September 6, 2010 by Denizine Reillaruse

    Sersiously, though. I'm not sure what to call it. If I must, I feel like i could, just for everyone, add Anotaitons explaining what the music is to portray, but that's probably my randomness.

    This mix adds in a new element. The beginning piece is something I actually made myself in FL Studio 9(look it up if you must). That's one awesome program Samsonius is teaching me to use. The rest is from Stardust, yours truly Avatar, and some track Samsonius gave me from Shawshank Redemption.

    Enjoy, provided youtube isn't being crazy again. Which it is, because it's decking the quality alot more than usual.

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  • Denizine Reillaruse

    For now, I'm posting a revision. Trust me, there's differences. For all the, for lack of a better term, fans of my writing, at least some of whom I'm sure were hoping that my seeing the re-release would get me back into writing, well, your hopes have endured. So hold dear the mass of text below, and soon you will have more from me to read.

    As always, I never have time or patience to skim through the entire story for typos and fix each one. So NOTIFY ME of any mispellings or the like.

    You can also read it here, at Scribd, if you like.


    They say reality is in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty. You can dream, but whether or not that dream comes true is up to you. That "String Theory", or something. I'm not much for science. I'm a…

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  • Denizine Reillaruse

    Again, it's better every time. This one i wouldn't as readily call a wartime mix, but it's still a tense time. And this time around i added a bit of horror, you'll know when you hear it. Thanks again to Samsonius for helping me, he gave me input and sent me sound effects to use, it's great. Samsonius is awesome.

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  • Denizine Reillaruse

    They get better and better each time.

    Once you click play, you'll have to wait some time for it to load. I didn't use youtube because for some reason it's being messy right now and doing to my movies what it does to movies that are too long; clipping them down to one measely second long.

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