I sem to remember I had become pretty widely known for the work I was doing on novelizing Avatar. I know that some fans are dissappointed that the work ceased. Wait no longer, my friends.

Some schoolmates and I are now running a new forum where we hope to host a community that shares all kinds of art. Visual, Musical(like FreakyTy's Furry drawings or Azaelius's score he's working on) but the main focus is literature. There's a place to share poetry, short stories, both in all kinds of genres. AND, there's a reservation-based category where a member asks a moderator for a board. In that asking must be some of the work the member hopes to post in that board. Once the board is made, the member becomes a limited moderator of that board. And it's all for him/her to post chapters of the story or even chapters of books of the series.

You'll need to register in order to comment, but hopefully you have something you can contribute to the community(art-wise, not staff-wise). You can find my work here.

This is the forum itself. Yes, there are graphic errors in the top box, but they draw attention to the register and login buttons.

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