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Choosing or Defending?

So the Ikran (or Banshees) choose a rider to bond with by trying to kill a Na'vi. But why do they try to kill their rider, if they're "choosing" them?

I think this is because the Na'vi can try to bond with a Banshee that stays (to defend themselves), instead of taking off like most Banshees do. Also, I think the upside is that the Banshee they caught is a fighter, and will help them in arial fights and not be afraid.

My friend pointed out that since a Banshee tries to kill a Na'vi they "chose," then the Toruk (Great Leonopteryx) would be choosing everybody he tries to kill and eat. So I don't think the Banshee or Toruk choose, but the Na'vi choose. Jake, after all, forced the Toruk to bond with him.

What are your thoughts?

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