If you were to become a Na'vi, what would you look like? How would you style your hair? What color would your Banshee, Direhorse, and/or Thanator be?

I know that what I would want is not actually possible, but that's the point of imagining, right? Copy my list and put in your own stuff and post it below. If you can think of more, post. I like seeing different ideas!

1. Na'vi Me: The normal colors. One big braid for my hair - no "stragglers."

2. Direhorse: Black base with dark blue stripes that can only be seen in sunlight. Many white thinner stripes making intracite patterns. Yellow eyes and stripe on the nose and yellow just above the hooves and tipping the tail.

3. Banshee: Same as Direhorse. Yellow tipping the wings.

4. Thanator: Same as Direhorse.

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