Let's not forget what happened nine years ago on Ground Zero. 9/11/01. The day that hundreds of Americans suffered the devastating attacks from terrorists. This is a day that greatly changed America and its people; the terrorists wanted to change America and they succeeded, but not the way they intended. They changed us because we grew stronger as a nation and grew closer together.

Twice did the terrorists hi-jack planes carrying dozens of innocent civilians and led them into the Twin Towers. Then did the monstrous terrorists hi-jack a third plane and tried to crash it into the White House. On that plane, the terrorists slit a stewardess throat and she bled to death. Few brave men took action and fought against the terrorists aboard their plane, and threw it off course, crashing into a field. The man who led the others against the monstrous terrorists was named Todd Beamer. He called the 911 operator and said that his plane was being hi-jacked and he didn't think anyone was going to survive.

The operator asked him, "Do you want me to put your family on the phone?"

He replied something to the effect of, "No, if I talk to them, I'm afraid I won't be able to do this. Just tell them I love them." Then the operator heard his distant shout to the men, "Let's roll!" That's when he and the brave men turned the plane into a field, and no one survived. He saved the White House and stopped another terrorists attack on an important American building.

Even if you aren't American, you should not forget the horrible day when terrorists attacked us and destroyed the Twin Towers -- the World Trade Center -- and hundreds of Americans lost their lives.

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