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We Were Mentioned in the Collector's Vault Book!

Draginfli December 23, 2010 User blog:Draginfli

Guys! I just got the Avatar Collector's Vault Book, but that's not the exciting part! In the credits section in the back of the book, they mention a few other books, the movie of course, the Pandorapedia website, then they have this listed under the books, "www.james-cameron'" They mentioned us in an official Avatar book! A few of you probably already discovered this, but I was like, "WHAAAAT! THEY MENTIONED US!? AND IN THE CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS!? AWESOME!!"

You know what that means? THE GUYS WHO MADE AVATAR KNOW ABOUT US! Yeah I know, that RDA pilot guy already contacted the German Avatar Wiki, but this was a huge discovery for me!


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