Obviously Jake and Neytiri are returning, I've heard Mo'at is coming back, and I hope Norm returns whether he's human or gets an avatar.

Does anyone know for sure which deceased characters are coming back? I've heard rumors about Grace returning as Eywa and Quaritch's doppleganger (clone) coming to Pandora. I hope no dead characters come back. Yes, I really liked Grace and Trudy, (even Quaritch, if you can believe it) but they're dead, and I don't want some miracle to bring them back. Here's why I think Eytukan, Quaritch, Trudy and Grace should not return:

  • Quaritch died, and there's no way anybody can revive him when he had two enormous arrows coated in a neuro-toxin that were peirced through his chest (GO, NEYTIRI).
  • Eytukan shouldn't come back, because he died.
  • Trudy shouldn't come back, because she died.
  • Grace shouldn't come back, because she died.

So let's keep the dead characters dead, please (we don't want any zombies running around Pandora, now do we?).

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