The conservatives and the vatican have attacked Avatar saying that the movie is anti-military and anti-religion. Of course the movie is anti Earth military, nowhere in the movie does are the words "United States of America military" every mentioned that relate to the military presence being Marines from the United States Marine Corps in which I served. The "Marines" are a soldiering force employed by RDA to provide security for the mining operation on Pandora. Using the word "Marine" in this context can relate to any type of military unit that train tough and long and are considered to be the best of the best in regards to non-special operations and other elite teams of the military.

Typical that the Vatican would also criticize this movie as well as it does not directly relate to what they want the populace to believe. It should also be noted that the Vatican was the driving force in converting the "savage Indians of America ( or the Na'vi) into European minded people that worshipped the god and ideal that the Vatican wanted them to. I wonder if the Vatican criticized movies like Omen and other movies related to Catholiscism for portraying false ideals and prophecies. The Vactican should be the last group of religious ideals to even think about critizing another belief or even movie. At last check how many Catholic priests have been found guilty of sexually molesting young boy's just to have the priest moved to another church to commit the same crime over and over and over again.?

The same people that are critizing this film are the same people who's decendant's came across the Atlantic and forced the Indians to give up their lands and convert to Christianity or fear imprisonment for fighting in what they believe(d) in as well as defending the land that was rightfully theirs before the European/Vatican led assault took their lands away from them.

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