I have been reading the Zoe was not even nominated for an award this time either. I have always thought actors had a cushy job but from watching the movie being made I will never again say that all they do is lay around and eat bon bon and read the tabloids. They actually work even when using CGI camera's. Zoe did a fine and outstanding job in her portrayal and she should be awarded Best Actress and Best Leading Performer. She carried the movie the whole time being the den mother you can say that gets all of the cubs activities going, taking care of each cubs needs and questions. Her role was a big one and was also most likely very demanding on her body to perform the moves that she did as well as her psyche for becoming a Na'Vi. These simple acting methods may seem easy but I would compare them to working in a manufacturing plant where you weld all day long as well as using 32 lb sledge hammers to shape and bend the steel plating to how you want it. By the end of the day I would go home and sleep. I am quite certain the Zoe and the rest of the crew felt like this but continued on for maybe 18 to 20 hours a day. Hardwork needs to be rewarded and if Zoe does not receive an award then we as the fans should do something to make her feel appreciated for the hard work that she did. After all it is the fans that make the movie real for the actors and actresses that take part in the film.

1 vote to get an award for Zoe based on the fans that saw the movie.

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