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February 3, 2010
  • Drysonbennington

    First off to build your Garden of Ewya you have to understand what and why you are planting the plants that you are. You are the only one that knows how your garden makes you feel which should be kept to yourself and only shared with those that are similar Eywan Gardener's. Each time you plant a flower or plant in your Garden of Eywa it's life will be a part of your life one in the same, a connection to the very life of the planet itself. When choosing your plants and flowers for your garden be very selective in what you chose.

    There are many colorful plants that can be planted but the ones that you are looking for are the ones that are vibrant in colors and are mixed. The colors of the flower petals should be soft yet mixed so that the lig…

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  • Drysonbennington

    With the many sites beginning to emerge from the ground like a new seeded Tree of Soul's now would be the time to start building a page linking any Avatar related website back to this wiki.This type of neural networking would connect the other fans of Avatar with the wiki in essence making the wiki the Home Tree of the sites. All that would be necessary would be to have a page and when a new site is found the link is sent to Shadow Na'Vi who can then post the link to the site in the Neural Netwok portion of the wiki. The more that Avatar fans come together the more of a force it will be that where issues relating to deforestation, the hunting and killing of whales, promoting hybrid engery sources over fossil fueled vehicles and many other …

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