One of my classes in college was on the central forms and ideas that can be found in almost every form of mythology that has been created on Earth.  Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, etc. all share aspects of what one man, Joseph Campbell, called the "Monomyth;" The idea, in its simplest form, is that, through the concept of similarly shared human experience (perhaps even a shared unconsciousness), each culture develops myths that, when compared, have similar traits.  The most recent form of this concept was illustrated in the Original Star Wars trilogy, with a modern telling of the so-called "Hero Journey" (the Hero with a Thousand Faces); the most common form of monomyth.

As I was watching Avatar, I began to wonder about the nature of their creation myth (since it seems to me that they would have one), and if there is any Earthly analogs.  Well, I've read about the comparisons elsewhere, but I wanted to get the opinions here.  The story itself resembles a very early Native American myth (namely of the Plains Indians of the American South West) upon which the trials of young hunters was based.

I figured, with all of us, we could flesh this thing out.

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