Hello my fellow avatar fans. This is my blog about the idea of an MMORPG for Avatar. My qualification to consider that i am training to make video games and have taken classes about the theory of Gaming.

Estimate cost a month to play would be 10 to 15$


  • Fresh and new
  • Has drawn already a large fan based
  • Large untapped world for imagination


  • Can it survive a 5 year wait to keep fans back in and hold out for a long time
  • Expenses for millions to create and millions a month to maintence
  • Heavy compition. Like it or not 2 to 3 mmos appear every few years. So unless it offers something the others dont have it will result in some bad money situation. Past Games like age of cohan i think, warhammer Aion has shown that mmos not handled right fail fast.

Concluding Thought: The Avatar MMORPG does sound like a cool world to be in, but the problem is will it do well in the market considering all of it's compition already on good footing. It will have to be in another developers hand other then Ubisoft.

What is everyone elses opinion?

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