Ok i will have multiple blogs in one as i dont want to knock any of the other post off i will post it all in one. i will have blogs that will be my two cents about things we talk months ago due to i dont wanna dig it up and chances are no one will really my two cents of the topic


Ceremorial scene is likely due in credits i saw cast of dancers

on idmb heres what i found

[1] Melvin Leno Clark III ... Dancer
[2] Carvon Futrell ... Dancer
[3] Brandon Jelkes ... Dancer / Navi
[4] Micah Moch ... Dancer
[5] Hanniyah Muhammad ... Dancer
[6] Christopher Nolen ... Dancer
[7] Christa Oliver ... Dancer
April Thomas ... Dancer
[8] Bravita A. Threatt ...



Anyone else noitice more effects added like in the hammock scene the hammock had a blue energy to it when he wrapped it and when they were entering tyhe home tree they were creating the lights when the feet touched and the ground a little spark when tsu tey made the bond with the pa'li and also alot more stuff was added you never really saw before in scenes they didnt extend


is it me or does the movie really begin when jake goes out of hells gate for the first time? i know it starts with the ISV but see to the comments where i go into more details


And do you think Sam worthington and Zoe saldanna will be most remembered in for this movie?


also how many times has everyone seen i have seen it over 20 times by now


so what did it feel like seeing as you went in the theater the first time and after leaving the theater the first time


im positive that some of what i said was already talked about in a blog months ago but its so buried the new wiki members will most likely never of seen it

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