aka Esteban

  • I live in Madrid, Spain (Earth), Pandora
  • I was born on February 21
  • I am Male
  • EstebanAVTRBoy

    Nothing more to say. :)

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  • EstebanAVTRBoy

    Many things, thoughts and imaginings about Avatar are around my head, about its story, its characters, its content, its messages, its elements, its components, its universe, etc.. (among many other things, of course), and many of these imaginings of Avatar are more elements, components, characters, places, stories, etc. that I have created and that would fit nicely in Avatar universe and could be added there. Some of these things are ordered in lists of things that are in Pandora (animals, plants, weapons, vehicles, features Na'vi etc.), and now I am going to present some of them, with brief descriptions:

    Pandoran Fauna

    - Brute: Similar to gorilla, but much larger and with four arms, which is common in all the land animals of Pandora.

    - Nookh…

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  • EstebanAVTRBoy

    Happy Avatar Day and Happy 3rd Avatar Release Anniversary, Avatar Wiki friends and Avatar fans and geeks!! :D

    It's been three years since Avatar was released in theatres and we're still loving and enjoying it and all its related with it, doing everything about Avatar, like learning Na'vi, writing fan-fictions, collecting merchandising, listening to its soundtrack, playing Avatar games, drawing pictures, and watching Avatar more than once, and much more; I hope we still do, while waiting arrival of the sequels, and all of that.

    I hope we still love and enjoy Avatar many more years, this forum lasts, and I get all my Avatar geek objectives I want to reach.

    Oel ayngati kameie. I See You All. ;)

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  • EstebanAVTRBoy

    Here are the reasons why James Cameron’s Avatar is my most favorite movie, why I love it, why it’s a great and wonderful movie, why I see it and I will see it thousands of times and why I'm a big fan and geek/nerd of it. These reasons are also features and things that the movie has.

    • Its genre is what I like the most: science fiction (with aliens or extraterrestrials, spaceships, robots, futuristic elements, futuristic advanced technology, journeys to other planets; journeys through the space, the galaxy and the universe, contact and relations with aliens, etc.), but besides it has everything: action, fantasy, adventure, romance, drama, humor, war with military contents and themes, etc.
    • It's an awesome and very well made movie with an origina…
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  • EstebanAVTRBoy

    Hey there! I'm EstebanAVTRBoy, but you can call me Esteban or Steve.

    I'm from Spain and I'm a huge Avatar fan. I have almost everything about Avatar: the Extended Collector's Edition of the movie, of course, and some merchandising, and I expect to have much more. I want to go to any place and event and do anything related with Avatar such a lot, and I want too to tell James Cameron thanks for making Avatar and how much I love it and the many reasons I do, and to meet another Avatar fans, in my country and worldwide.

    So, I hope to enjoy this Wikia and looking its information.

    I See You :)

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