It's been a busy month for me, but I'm back now, so I'll be more active on this Wiki. I have a lot of work to do, primarily with era icons and the like. I'll get on that today.

But yeah. I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D in Seattle last night, and I take back everything I ever said about "3D" movies. It just completely blew my mind.

One of the things I liked the most was that they really took advantage of it, using it for small environmental effects like dirt being kicked up or dust specs and little floral debris floating through the air as much as the more obvious body parts faces being pushed into your field of view. Though, I was really hoping to have giant blue feet pushed into my face, and I got that in spades, so I'm happy.

There were one or two times when tilting my head a certain angle caused a few cases of ghost images, where a characters outline would be faintly duplicated, but that was rare. Even rarer was the occasional "flat person" effect where the person looked almost two dimensional, but frankly that actually added to the experience and it wasn't distracting at all.

Those two little observations aside, I could go on forever about how much it worked, and worked incredibly well. Even the 20th Centruy Fox logo was in 3D. Seeing the movie again in 2D will be interesting. I can't really imagine seeing it now in anything but 3D. It really adds to the experience.

All that aside, the movie is just amazingly beautiful. The visuals, music, creatures, the entire ecosystem Cameron's created and the way everything is captured and displayed on film, is nothing short of breathtaking. Sure, the story is simple and predictable and full of environmentalist cautionism, but pretty much all of Cameron's movies are generally straight-forward; it's the way he tells his stories that make them well worth watching.
Go see Avatar, in Imax 3D. Do it. Do it noaughrrww.

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