As you may know from earlier articles, Lightstorm and Disney partnered to build an Avatar-themed area with several attractions in Disney World Florida's Animal Kingdom. There are several updates, including some concept images of planned attractions.

The currently projected opening date is sometime in 2017. There are four attractions that are pretty much confirmed:

  • A water ride showcasing Pandora's native fauna and flora
  • A flying simulator, where guests can “discover what it feels like to soar into the sky riding a Banshee”
  • A walk through a bioluminescent jungle
  • The existing “Tree of Life” will be redecorated to look more like Hometree

Tom Staggs, chairman of Disney Parks, said:
Our combined team has taken huge steps forward in “imagineering” Pandora as a real place for our guests to see, hear and touch. At the first-ever D23 Expo in Japan, we shared an early glimpse of the plans for AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and I wanted to share some of these breathtaking images and a short preview of what’s to come with all of you.



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