Over at the German Avatar Wiki, we received fan mail from a special fan. It was kindly forwarded to us by a German Wikia staff member:


Please forgive my lack of ability to speak German.

My name is James Pitt, and I am the actor who 'flew' the Valkyrie 16 spacecraft
in the film AVATAR. I like to reach out to fans of the film who show an interest,
to say hello! Those pictures are awesome!

Here are a couple of lines from the film which you might remember. I still have
the handwritten last-minute script change Jim (Cameron) handed me on the set.

"Hell's Gate tower this is TAV 16 on approach. Crossing outer marker, mine is
in sight."

'...cleared in hot' "Copy Dragon, we are startin' our bomb run...

It was a great experience and it's just SO COOL to see such a professionally
managed site such as this wiki preserving it.
Thank you from all of us at AVATAR.

Great site!! Really, really cool.

-James Pitt

You might wonder why he addressed it to the German and not the English wiki. I did too, and so I asked. The staff member explained that Pitt found the German wiki by accident and didn't know about the English one, but the staff member pointed him to our English version.

So there finally is an answer to the question that has been floating around for a while, whether someone from production is even aware of our existence. ;)

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