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Na'vi name parenthesis in articles

Faern. August 27, 2010 User blog:Faern.

In many articles, we have the Na'vi name of the article in parenthesis in intro texts like:
(Na'vi name: <na'vi name here>)

More and more articles get the link to the Na'vi article added inside those parenthesis. However, I think this does not make much sense because putting the link there is out of context. After all, the text in the parenthesis is referring to a name in the Na'vi language and does not refer to the Na'vi as people. If there should be a link at all, it should link to our language article, e.g.:
(Na'vi name: <na'vi name here>)

I also think that we should put the parenthesis part in a template. This avoids misspellings and formatting inconsistencies because people tend to forget making the Na'vi name bold or italic. With a template we would simply use {{Navi|<na'vi name here>}} to do the formatting. With a template, we could also create a category, where articles can be browsed by their respective Na'vi name, since articles can be added to categories automatically by templates.


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