As you may have already noticed in Wikia's announcement, there will be some changes regarding wiki navigation and page layout which will be implemented on October 3.

The header bar that contains the Wikia logo will take the width of the whole browser window. There will also be a new small gap between this header and our wiki for a better visual separation. The width of all wiki pages will be slightly increased by 30 pixels, resulting in 10 pixels wider articles. For Avatar Wiki, this means that our background image needs an update to fit in with the new width. I already took care of that. The updated version is ready to be put in place when Wikia deploys the change.

You can already preview these changes (except the updated background) by going into your browser's address bar and adding ?wikiagrid=1&wikiafullheader=1 to the end of the page address. For example, you can click here to see this blog with the layout changes.

The familiar dropdown navigation at the top will become obsolete by October 3. The extended navigation bar will become mandatory for all wikis on Wikia. As all regular visitors will have already noticed, it is already active for our wiki. The new navigation allows three levels of navigation instead of only two which allows to have a lot more links, like in the good old days of the Monaco layout. The first of the five "tabs" is fixed and cannot be modified. However, we may customize the other four tabs. If you place your mouse on top of one of the tabs, the row below changes to a new set of items. Each tab can have up to seven items in it. Every item can be a menu with up to ten links.

I already populated the new navigation in a way that hopefully makes sense. I tried to do one important wiki section per tab, one theme per drop-down menu and links sorted by popularity/importance. If you find broken links, some important links that are missing or if something else looks wrong, please post a comment.

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