• FreakyTy

    Well this sucks....

    August 26, 2010 by FreakyTy

    I just tried signing into IRC, and the message like always said you should register it's beyond the evaluation period. Well I hit 229 days, and now I HAVE to register to keep using it. Anyone have a way around it? Becuase you all know I'm always on IRC, and this just pissed me off a whole lot. :(

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  • FreakyTy

    The Re-release

    August 6, 2010 by FreakyTy

    As I'm sure all of you know Avatar will be hittng theaters again soon with a few extra minutes of footage. Of course like any fanboy I'm going to have to see it, but I'm going to have to hate myself for it because it's just another way for Fox to rake in the dough. I belive instead of releasing it in theaters they should just send out the bonus feature edition on blu-ray and dvd. It irks me to see they're just bleeding it of all it's worth again. Anyone else feel the same way?

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  • FreakyTy

    YES, It's already available for pre-order! Heres a link to amazon where you can get it the day of the release! Quit wasting time and pre-order now!

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  • FreakyTy

    Na'vi knife

    January 18, 2010 by FreakyTy

    Here are some links to Avatar related item like the clothing they wore, and some knives. Tell me what you think about them and whatnot. I'll post prices for all of them once I find out what they cost. lol. You can't buy any of these yet becuase I guess they havn't given permission, but you can pre order all of these. The site says they ship March 1st.

    Pre order the knives here. All of these are $95 19 inches.

    Braided Dagger.

    Curved Dagger.

    Jake's Dagger.

    Neytiri's Dagger.

    Amazon link, pre order them you can see them here becuase amazon can't sell them yet. Go figure.

    The knives collection

    Pre order Clothing and stuff. They have nice pics. As far as I know the armbrace is $40-$50 and the chokers are $59, and strech to fit anyone.

    Jake's Armband.


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  • FreakyTy

    Yahoo article on sequel

    January 14, 2010 by FreakyTy

    Just an article I found about the sequel.

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