All I want to know is what other hobbies do us Avatar fans have in common. This will also tell more about the group attracted to the movie.

From what I already know at least five of us are in shape and work out. What else do we do?

I play only one sport and that is hockey, my favorite thing besides Avatar is Gears of War (2 very different things I might add), and the only other thing I like to do is read books usally fantasy though. Like the forgotten realms. Oh I also like to write books I have one coming hopefully in the next year!

BTW, my favorite bands are Trivium, Gorjia, and older Metallica (not the stuff since the late 80's). Gorjia is a funny thing though. I started listening to them just before seeing Avatar for the first time, and they are a super Heavy Metal band that is actually a bunch of environmentalists, that just goes perfect with the movies main message. Lol!

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