Here are some links to Avatar related item like the clothing they wore, and some knives. Tell me what you think about them and whatnot. I'll post prices for all of them once I find out what they cost. lol. You can't buy any of these yet becuase I guess they havn't given permission, but you can pre order all of these. The site says they ship March 1st.

Pre order the knives here. All of these are $95 19 inches.

Braided Dagger.

Curved Dagger.

Jake's Dagger.

Neytiri's Dagger.

Amazon link, pre order them you can see them here becuase amazon can't sell them yet. Go figure.

The knives collection

Pre order Clothing and stuff. They have nice pics. As far as I know the armbrace is $40-$50 and the chokers are $59, and strech to fit anyone.

Jake's Armband.

Jake's Na'vi Choker.

Jake's Beaded Choker.

Neytiri's Choker.

Here you go, if you got the money...

Quaritch and his AMP suit. $_$

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