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Avatar sequel?

GeoDiz January 7, 2010 User blog:GeoDiz

At this point an Avatar sequel is most likely a reality, James Cameron has stated that if the movie is successful enough there is going to be a sequel and, of course, the movie is a huge success.

Imagine the sequel. How do you think it's going to be? Personally I think RDA along with Peter Selfridge (becaused he is signed in for possible sequels) and another villian are coming back to Pandora, to get unobtainium and to wipe out their Na'vi enemies. Today I read a new about the sequel (don't know if this is true), James Cameron said that there's a possibility that the new history will take place on another moon (including Sam/Jake and Zoe/Neytiri, both of them are signed in too for possible sequels), similar to Pandora, but I really want to stay in Pandora and discover more things of this beautiful moon, other clans and, of course, about Jake Sully and Neytiri history in the Omaticaya. Even if there is a possibility to Jake Sully, Neytiri and the clan to travel to another moon, I'd like to stay on Pandora.

Do as you wish Cameron, but don't dare to kill Neytiri.

Thoughts about the sequel?

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