Ladies and Gentlemen, we have missed a most important occasion! Our revered Admin, Faern, has very recently observed his birthday and we have not yet given him our proper homage. **In whispers, she reminds everyone of the absolute power an Admin has to edit, delete, block and who knows what other type of mischief he is capable of ... be very afraid.**

Please join the festivities and leave your birthday wish for him below. I know you are aware that any type of nerdy gifts will be appropriate and appreciated ... and don't forget that he is also passionate about heavy metal music ... use your creativity.

While you are here for his celebration, I invite you to enjoy a steaming mug of Gluhwein (spiced German wine) and to help yourself to the assortment of traditional German cookies that I baked for him earlier today: Lebkuchen, Springerle, Linzer, Spritzgeback, Butter Platzchen and Zimsterne. Yummmm.


German Gluhwein


German Cookies

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