Didn't you almost get butterflies when you saw the subject of this blog posted? I would have! I'm asking for your opinion, please. Do you think there would be any fan interest in attending an Avatar Con? One that could be organized sometime late in 2011? One that could be held in a nice hotel, in a major city with an international airport? The reason I'm asking is that I have only been involved in one fandom and that was many, many, many (you get the idea) years ago. We always kept everyone pumped up by having annual cons (sometimes more) with fans from all over the world attending. People who were intimately involved with the production, such as the actors, producers, writers, etc. were invited to give seminars, question and answer sessions, readings, and whatever else they wanted to present. We have become somewhat of a family on this wiki and do you think that our wiki family would ever want to meet each other and/or the actors face to face? I am hoping that, with your usual enthusiasm, you will come forth with lots in feedback, input, and suggestions.

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