It has been way too quiet around here lately and we need more "activity" on our wiki "activity feed". What can we do do make our wiki experience more exciting? What type of "activity" makes you want to jump in and participate? What do you suggest?

Shoud we ask the Admins to bring back the editing competition and the badges? Maybe with some additional guidelines? Your ideas please?

Contests are always a great way to get everyone in our Community involved. What kind of contests would you participate in? If we do contests, it would be great if they were the kind that could be periodically repeated ... that would get the energy flowing. Your ideas please?

We must have prizes. What kind of prizes? More badges maybe ... or some kind of point system ... or how about the opportunity to be honored as "Celebrity of the Week" ... or "Avatar Driver of the Week" ... or "Guest Admin of the Week" ... or what else? Can there be a way for us to encourage people to donate real prizes? Their reward might be "Omnipotent Benefactor of the Week" or else one of the above or something else. Your ideas please.

Those of you who are on other wikis, what do they do to increase interest and participation from their Users? What gets you excited about being part of their wiki?

Yes, yes, I've just asked you a lot of questions; but those of you who know me well, expect a lot of questions from me.;-) Please pass on all of your ideas - anything and everything that you think might pump up the volume.

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