A close friend of mine is a psychotherapist and he is also a serious fan of Avatar ... and of Harry Potter and of LOTR ... he's a pretty cool guy! I mentioned to him that I know of many teenage boys who have a crush on - or are in love with - or lust after Neytiri and I asked for his comments about this. Being a psychotherapist, he always has comments. Lots of them. :-)

He said that Neytiri is a very desirable woman to teenage boys because:

She is essentially naked throughout the movie which appeals greatly to their raging hormones.

She is a fearless and accomplished warrior.

She also has a very spiritual side to her nature.

She has a roughness and a gentleness about her that is a rare combination in a woman.

She is very independent and strong-willed; yet, she makes no demands of others.

She has an immovable sense of duty and obligation.

She offers unconditional love.

Last, but not least, she has a wild kind of beauty and innocence in her face.

His conclusion is that teenage boys who feel deeply drawn to Neytiri will most likely be disappointed with the girls they meet for real-life relationships. Disappointed because they don't yet have the maturity to realize that no girl can possibly live up to Neytiri's perfect-woman-image that they have in their minds.

These boys will be attracted to girls that have some of, or many of, Neytiri's qualities; but, they will always feel that something is missing ... because it is. These real-life girls aren't Neytiri and Neytiri is their impossible dream of an ideal mate.

Do you have anything to add? Observations? Comments of your own? Do you agree with my friend's analysis or do you oppose it? I am sincerely interested to read your views because I think he has presented an emotionally crippling conclusion. Am I over-reacting? BTW, I know of many girls/women who would love to be Neytiri for exactly the same reasons listed ... well, maybe not the naked part ;-)

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