Whoops! The title for Alan's blog "entered" before it was ready ... sorry! This is information about the Seattle Meetup at the Avatar Exhibit on June 2nd.


Just to introduce myself, I'm a fellow Avatar fan and have been a member of Avatar-Forums and Tree of Souls from the beginning or there abouts. Anyway, we were having a discussion about having a mass meet up for all Avatar fans. I suggested we do a survey to gauge people's interest in such an event and a small number of us set about posting a link on the various Avatar forums.

It was then that I discovered Avatar Wiki and stumbled upon Ghaziya's blog about planning an Avatar Convention next year. Having picked my bottom jaw up off the floor and following a bit of correspondence I made a few contributions. However, hings have gone a little bit quiet on that front for me at the moment because....

...we're having a meet-up in Seattle over the weekend of 4th June. Why 4th June? Well as I'm sure a number of you will know this is the opening day for the Avatar Exhibition at the Science Fiction Museum. Consequently a Valkyrie Shuttle load of us are heading over there to meet up and share the Avatar experience together.

So would any of you like to join us? You are all more than welcome! There will be plenty of opportunity to reseach Avatar for the wiki site

Ok, so what is the plan? Well we are all staying in the same hotel, which is the Travelodge, five minutes walk from the Science Fiction Museum. We have managed to secure a 15% discount, providing we fill ten rooms. Not only that, a number of us are looking at spending a few days together either side of the opening weekend to explore Seattle and just enjoy our time together.

So are you interested? If so follow the links below, which will take you to the newsletter that is getting produced to help keep people informed and pass on useful information:

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Please feel free to join us for this once in a life time meet up experience. Hope to see you all there ma aysmukan si aysmuke.

Eywa ngahu,


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