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The first part of this year, I emailed Noble Collection with the suggestion of creating some type of pendant with Hometree on it because that would be something I would definitely want to have. Well, yesterday I was on their website to do some Harry Potter Christmas shopping (sorry) for a friend and, of course. I also went to the Avatar section. I was very excited to see a pendant with Hometree on it; but horrified that they had it named "Tree of Souls". I immediately called their toll-free number and told the agent about their error and then asked to speak to a supervisor wanting to make certain that management had the information. I told her their mistake was probably going to irritate Avatar fans(?) She took down the information and said they would try to get that cleared up after the holiday rush is over. If you are so inclined to give them a call about it, their toll-free number is 1-800-866-0232.

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