I have been just as excited as the rest of you are about new Avatar "stuff" coming out ... new fuel for the fire ... pulse pounding, panting with anticipation, impatiently jumping up and down, and doing the how-many-days, how-many-hours countdown until November 16th. At last, I am finally going to really know all of the behind-the-scenes technology of how this amazing film was put together for us.

But wait! Do I really want to know all of the technical information? Why? What is that going to accomplish? I have suddenly started to compare this with watching the world's greatest magician performing the world's greatest magic tricks. We, the audience attending this magic show, forget that what we are seeing are illusions. What we are seeing becomes our reality. We are held spellbound, speechless with wonder, and awestruck by the unsurpassed performance before us. It is something we have never seen before ... an experience we will cherish forever.

But wait! Someone wants to tell me the secrets behind the smoke and mirrors ... wants to tell me how the magician sets up these illusions to fool the audience ... wants to tell me how these magic tricks are performed? Why would I want to know that? Why would I want the magic spoiled for me forever? Although I can only imagine the incredible technology that it must have taken to create the performance that I see, it comes down to a decision for me to make ... do I want to know the nuts and bolts behind the magic or do I want to hold tight to the fantasy. I choose the fantasy. How about you?

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