I am including a link to a LOT of photos from the worldwide opening weekend of the Avatar Exhibition at the EMP|SFM (Experience Music Project|Sci Fi Museum)in Seattle, WA, USA, on June 4, 2011.

On my personal computer, when I click on the link, a page will open up that has a column of picture-links down the right-hand side of the screen. The six links from the Avatar weekend are labeled: AVATAR The Exhibition; AVATAR The Exhibition; AVATAR Opening Events; AVATAR The Exhibition; and, The AMP Suit.

There are plenty of pictures of our beloved Avatar stars and,of course, JC himself .... and I was very excited at the close up of the AMP suit! Tell me what your favorite ones are. Oh, yes, the blue Na'vi guy and the guy with Neytiri tattoos on his back were in our Tree of Souls clan group.

Where's Ghaziya? I am in one of the 23 photos in the AVATAR Opening Events link ..... in the audience that is watching the African drummers ..... with red hair and wearing a light green jacket. Sorry, no prize if you find me .... only a good laugh!

Here is the link and I know you will enjoy:

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