Thanks SO much for your VERY enthusiastic response to the blog asking for your thoughts on how to encourage User participation on our wiki. Have you noticed that I am a high-maintenance Avatar geek who needs constant feeding? ;-) Following are the highlights of your creative contributions ... please feel free to add more ideas and/or comments to what we already have. I am hoping that our Admins will combine our great suggestions with the survey that they have recently posted ... don't forget to take their survey!

Cadellin suggested that we start a "to do" list of anything we would like to see on the wiki. The examples he gave are directed toward editing, such as specific articles dealing with Grace's English School and locations from the Avatar game. Although he didn't volunteer, he might be willing to be the "go to" person for this. ;-)

Draginfli suggested an Avatar art contest and created this list of possible categories: (1) a more "evolutionary correct" design for the Na'vi to match Pandora's animals; (2) Pandoran animal/Na'vi; (3) mix two or more Pandoran creatures; (4) make up a Creature - sentinent or not; (5) filmstill; (6) deleted scenes/scenes in re-release; (7) stick figures/scribble category for fun (for those who believe themselves to be un-artistic).

Draginfli suggests these possible prizes: (1) artwork in Featured Article's place for a month; (2) a badge; (3) a userbox.

Ghaziya suggested an ongoing blog contest. Encourage Users to create quality blogs by awarding a prize to the person whose blog generates the most comments in a week's time. This can be a weekly contest.

Ghaziya suggests as prizes: (1) a badge (2) points toward something (3) recognition somewhere as "Blog of the Week"

Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyitan suggested a writing contest and gave as an example: an essay or a biography about a character from Avatar. (Skxwang has volunteered her red editing pen.)

Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyitan suggests as a prize: Avatar 3-disc DVD or blu-ray. (Anyone want to donate this?)

Psychotherapist Friend suggested an Avatar trivia contest. LuckyMan stepped right up and said that he has a trivia script that could be used and suggested that "contestants" could gather on a designated IRC channel and have small contests there. The only requirements would be the questions themselves. I think we have found our trivia host. *wink*

Instead of putting on one big event, Eillas suggested that we do mini-events and space them out to fill up the empty times.

Whew! There you have it ... any comments or ideas to add? Salut!

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