I have never been so proud or impressed by a group as I have been by all of you who have responded. Our Avatar People Definitely Rule The World! Everyone has such of a strong desire and so much energy to contribute ~ and your contributions can have a measurable impact on this tragedy. I want to pass along some websites and links to organizations that appear to be the big players in this environmental rescue effort. One promising discovery is that they are accepting registrations from the 18 and older group. Again, I feel that this horrific situation may not be cleaned up for a very long time and that our environmental advocates who are under 18 will have opportunites to help. The Environmental Protection Agency seems to coordinate all efforts. Scroll down and click on "What You Can Do" - has good information, a volunteer hotline, links to many promising volunteer opportunities in different areas, and a place to sign up for email updates. Pretty worthless except for some decent links on the left menu. The Sierra Club has been around for a very long time and added greatly to our quality of life. Click on the "Take Action: button to personalize a "no new drilling" message to political leaders. Click on links to get involved by hosting a rally in your area and volunteering to help. Very interesting download under "more information" - BP Disaster Response Factsheet.pdf The Audubon Society is a group that works tirelessly for the protection of all species of birds. Click on "Gulf Disaster" then "more". Audubon Response gives current information and a link to register for volunteer work - 18 and older applications accepted. is specifically geared toward environmental rescue efforts in Louisiana and reports that they are accepting volunteering applications from 18 and older. Includes links to major environmental organizations. The National Wildlife Federation is major organization that works non-stop to protect our wildlife. Click on lower left link to send message to senators for comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation. Click on tabs and links in upper right of top banner for registration to volunteer (18 and older), for emails to stay informed and for news and updates.

I'm sure there must be more out there and, when I find it, I will update you and, if you find it, will you please pass your information on to all of us. Again, your attitudes are just amazing and your stewardship of our Mother is our greatest hope for the future.

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