Today while browsing a local bookstore, I noticed a magazine with the theatrical poster of Avatar on its cover. I normally don't read magazines and couldn't honestly care less about them, but because it was about Avatar, I couldn't resist. As it turns out, the name of the magazine is the Christian Research Journal. Don't know if anyone out there knows about it (I know I didn't), but inside it features a very lengthy article about the themes and spiritual spectrum covered in the film. I gave it a read, but what I really wanted to do was post it here on the site to share it with everyone else to see what you guys think. I've included a link of the article below for anyone who wishes to read it and share their opinion. Please note that it's in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format, but if for any reason you can't view it, I've also included a quick view link. It showed up on my computer without any difficulty, but if anyone experiences any problems, let me know and I'll try to fix it (and if I can't, well, I'm sure you can find this magazine virtually anywhere).

PDF link:

Quick view link

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