To be honest, I kind of debated on rather to post this or not. But as other fan fiction has been posted on this site, I thought I'd go ahead and drop mine in, as well, if no one had any objections. So here it is. It's called Dreamwalker: A Pandora Chronicle, but it's not really a novel or essay or anything literary. To best describe it, this is written as a sort of strategy guide to my own mentally developed Avatar video game (in other words, what I'd like to see in a well-thought out and executed game adaptation; who knows, maybe we'll get one sometime in the future?). I crafted it as a prequel to the film to allow myself some creative space, and though I will admit that some elements borrow heavily from what we've already seen in the first film, I still think it's a pretty enjoyable trip to Pandora. The primary reason I made it was to "get pumped," so to speak, for the Earth Day DVD release of the film. It took many hours of work, but it was a fun project to make (I couldn't even have done it without the Avatar: Activist Survival Guide), and one that I wish to share with other avid fans of the Avatar community. It will have errors, it will look obviously fanmade, but treat it forgivingly and I think most of you will enjoy it. As always, questions, comments, constructive criticism is always welcomed. And who knows? After we start seeing more of James Cameron's sequels and more of the Avatar universe, I might just develop some sequels of my own if you guys take a liking to it. Peace.

Here's the link. It's a PDF/Adobe Acrobat file:

Dreamwalker: A Pandora Chronicle (The Official Strategy Guide)

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