I'm sure everybody is aware that in lieu of the release of the Blu-ray/DVD for Avatar; sharp, refreshing images will be uploaded to replace the lower quality ones.

However in order to efficiently use these we wish to avoid the use of numbers or overly large descriptions as a title. e.g: To prevent this occurring in future we are simply asking that uploaders either:

a) Use any sort of template to name the images. e.g. follow the fo.loc.metcap template; i.e. focus, location, method of capture. Focus being whatever the majority of the image shows. This can include flora, fauna, objects, characters etc, location is where the image was taken (in universe) and metcap is method of capture such as scan, screenshot etc. For example:

i) would be: JakeSully.HellsGates.screenshot.png

ii) would be: Jake/Neytiri.HallelujahMt.screenshot.jpg

iii) for the first image in the blog with a black background; Swan.Pandora.screenshot.jpg

For group pictures of +3 name the image emphasis and write (g). e.g. is Jake(g).Earth.screenshot.jpg. Note that this format for group pictures is extremely basic but if you can develop your own detailing structure then definitely use it.

Understandably this might be a little hard to understand and a bit tedious for every picture you upload but if you can take the time to write the title as above then you will make any editors job easier; including your own.

b) Or alternatively write the title with any format that holds some detail in regards to the actual picture so that it can be recognized by anyone wishing to use the image.

  • Our overall aim is to get images titled with the appropriate information so that they can be used quickly and effectively in articles by editors.
  • Note that this does not apply for fan art images; as they are not intended for use in articles and can be named at the discretion of the artist.
  • If there is a similar picture to the one you are uploading; then at the end of the title write a number between 1-100.
  • If you have any questions or queries please comment.

- Wiki Administrators

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