Well, Ladies and Gentlefolk of the wiki. The promised date has come and gone. It's nearly a week after the November 16th release of the Avatar collector's edition. The beast has been dissected and thoroughly explored. What're your thoughts on the removed and unfinished content Cameron left on the cutting room floor?

Each deleted scene seems to have become so for a reason. Norm's nonsense was a welcome omission. Scenes like "I am a living god" the extended flight to Site26 and the scathingly terrible "Hallelujah Mountain's Dance". Cameron was right, in my opinion, to remove these from the film. They added a goofy, overly comedic feel to the film. Though it would have been nice to have seen more of Norm's character, especially Grace's hope for him as the "new face" of the Avatar program and the eventual rivalry with Jake that produced.

Of all the scenes that should have remained, two stand out. The Hunt dance and subsequent drinking contest did wonders for Tsu'tey's character. It showed his mixed feelings toward Jake. A disdain for what the Avatar represented, yet at the same time a respect for the man behind it. It also showed the roots of his suspicious about a relationship between Jake and Neytiri, which I feel was lacking in the theatrical cut. Had "The Dance" been allowed to stay in the film, Tsu'tey's "Have you mated with this woman!?" accusation wouldn't be as "out of left field". It is never even established that he saw the pair leaving The Tree of Voices. He simply noticed that they arrived holding hands.

The deleted scene "Battle Camp." should have remained. This is the exact scene I've wanted to see from my very first viewing of the movie. It shows Trudy on the ground with the Na'vi. It shows she cares, communicated with these people. Knows them. Has a reason to fight for them. She tutors them in how to fight the nigh-invincible technological beasts they will face in the coming battle. In the (Necessary) absence of her love-story with Norm, this scene would have served to nicely flesh out the plucky helicopter pilot's motivation.. And it shows Norm paining her Sampson. It also show-cases more of the Na'vi dancing. A brief yet flavorful scene we're poorer for having lost.

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