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  • Imperataur

    English/Na'vi names

    September 14, 2010 by Imperataur

    G'day everyone.

    There seems to be very little consistency in the articles here when it comes to using English or Na'vi names for creatures. I for one think that when referring to the creatures in the articles, the English name should always be used, with the Na'vi name only being used when referring to Na'vi titles such as "Toruk Makto" and "Ikran Makto", and in the first instance of the English name being used, where the Na'vi translation should be given. Just putting it out there, to see what you guys think.

    Also, should Unobtanium be spelt with a capital "U" or lower case "u"? I'm justwondering if there is any preference, or if both are acceptable.

    Have a good one, Ozzy.

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  • Imperataur

    A question

    July 15, 2010 by Imperataur

    G'day everyone, I have recently been plagued by a question that I can't get the answer to, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows the answer. Here it is; when does the novelisation of Avatar come out? I tried looking up the details, but my internet connection has just broken world records with it's phenomenal super-slowness, and webpages that I find by Google searching just won't load. Watching Avatar over and over again isn't enough, I need more... I'd greatly appreciate any details on the novel, if there are any available at all. Stupid dial-up...

    I had to get this in somewhere: GO AUSTRALIA!!! (sorry, we're doing well in a cricket match that's on now, I'm feeling particularly patriotic at the moment :P )

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  • Imperataur

    Exactly how much of an international impact has Avatar had?

    I asked myself this question after reading some recent blogs that had several languages in their posts. I think it would be interesting to see exactly how multicultural and international this wiki is.

    I'm from Australia, born and raised, and the only language I speak is English.

    So, which countries are you all from?

    (This is the first blog I've ever made, hopefully I haven't screwed anything up!)

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