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Anyone else?

JBryden88 January 7, 2010 User blog:JBryden88


Today I just saw Avatar for my 5th time.

Now, I've seen folks post they've already seen it like 12 or so times. I'm afraid I can't do it that much (not much income atm :P) but I'm sure I'll see it at least once more myself. Anyway... anyone else suffering from the following symptons?

After the first time I was blown away. I couldn't wait to see it again.

But then the second time, it moved me to tears (a grown man being moved to tears >.> no movie has touched me like this since the end of Terminator 2 as a kid) - and when I got home, I just sat and stared off for hours.

Now then. I am constantly thinking about the movie, about when I can see it again, and I even look up that final scene between Jake/Neytiri just after the end fight. Constantly. And every time I see the movie, its like going on a rollar coaster high, only to be "down" again afterwards.

Anyone else?

That said, I'm finding the more and more I watch, the more and more I almost "believe" in the idea of Eywa, and perhaps more and more that these characters are "real" - if not in "reality" then more so the very ideals of them.

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