Hello everyone, I am writing here to tell everyone that we will begin holding Avatar trivia games in IRC. We have many questions ready and more can be added by anyone in IRC. We are planning on holding it every Friday/Saturday at 2:00 GMT. That means its Friday night at 9 eastern, 1pm on Saturday in Australia/ACT.

Use This to help find what time it will be to you. Click the links under "Fixed time in North America" for which continent you reside.

To use IRC if you haven't already, there is an easy to follow guide to setting up Chatzilla, a simple IRC client that's also easy to use. The guide can be found here. When you get in the channel, we will not be holding the trivia there. Once in that channel also type /j #avatar_trivia to get to the trivia channel. If you get into IRC but need help, we will be there to help.

And finally here is a list of commands for the trivia. That may look daunting but I'll help break it down a bit. Unnecessary commands are disabled, commands available to OPS are for admins only, and a lot of the commands available to you aren't needed to actually play. Answering a question is as easy as typing the answer, and hitting enter.

A question will be asked by the game, in which you have 70 seconds to answer, first one to answer correctly gets the point. After 10 seconds with no answer the !hint command may be used to help with the answer, at 30 seconds with no answer the hint is automatically given, at 60 seconds with no answer another hint is given, at 70 seconds with no answer the question is skipped. Games can be played in a free for all or team bases. RDA vs Na'vi of course.

Any other questions can be answered here or in IRC. And just so you know there is no prize, this is for fun and to bring some excitement back to the wiki.

Any misuse (spamming) of commands or any kind of abuse will result in the boot, and depending of what happened, hometree hammer may come into play.

Everyone thank lucky for going crazy with setting the Game bot up and coming up with 90+ questions

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