First off, read this, dont even read whats below.

Ok, now that you read that, you may realize by my userpage, my name is Jason Beojekian. I was asked by a reporter a while back about a few things, and she finaly told be it was published. It had been for a while apparantly, but they never even told her when either.

I attempted to get others involved, like Skxwang and FreakyTy, whether they got that far and didn't make the cut I don't know, but for those guys, here it is. I was hoping for a wiki shoutout, but looks not. I'm not gonna complain though, it was a fun experience to get my name out there like that.

Would you guys be interested in the questions asked and the answers given?

So, if you would like, thank that reporter and I'll link her this page sometime. Also you can here as well

So me first, Thankyou for taking the time to write a non demeaning article about us avatar fans, and taking the time to look through this wiki.

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