Recent events has brought up an issue which needs to be addressed. Two admins here have been inactive for quite some time, A while back they were both asked if they are still here. Both replied yes, but have very little free time anymore. Understandably, they don't log on to the wiki anymore. So I propose we replace them with new admins. We need more admins so they may defer amongst each other if need be. Matias has agreed with me on these points.

So, I nominate the users Luckyman, Faern, and IWantTheUltimateChange (UC) for the position of Admin. I nominate these three for a few reasons. They are all smart, wise, trustworthy users. They all use IRC, so they may respond to issues quickly, and communicate amongst other admins easily if the need arises. Also, in combination with Matias and I, we would have admins across the globe, and have an admin on 24/7 for the most part. If you don't recognize these people, its because they don't post often in blogs, but they do alot of work on the information side of this wiki.

Also I nominate users Draginfli and Skxwang for position of Rollback. A rollback is a user with an extra tool for reverting vandalism. I nominate these 2 because every damn day I log on they have a list of Ips for me to crush.

These people have yet to be promoted and some have yet to respond


As it stands, currently




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