Some of you may have noticed my increased time of absence or activity. I have been slowing down on the wiki a bit as of late. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here and will continue to smack vandals around with home tree. I myself have found a way to break my avatar addiction, and did so unintentionally.

Here's the theory, lets say you just stubbed your toe, and the pain is unbearable. To stop the pain, you smash your hand with a hammer, now your foot doesn't hurt.

I went to an Anime convention, slept on the floor for 3 days for it too. Whole weekend was amazing, and now my much older Anime addiction exploded and swallowed up my avatar addiction. And now I've been playing Mass Effect 2 like crazy. So... Ive not had much wiki time. But I do check my email and talk page a lot for warnings/problems.

BTW Mass Effect is quite the awesome, and I just wanted to bring up a few things.

  • The Quaritch revival theory is completely plausible though the Lazerous project from Mass Effect
  • Hanar communicate to each other though the use of Bioluminesence
  • and this

Just so you all know, spoilers for Mass Effect are below

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