ohe kame v aynga pn

(i see you)

I have put some thought into why Avatar seems to linger in the minds of it's many fans. A lot of people have said that for some reason, it's all they can think about throughout the day. I call this Avatar addiction. People also have said that they have an almost feeling of depression after seeing the movie, I call this Avatar Withdrawl.

I have made mention of my theory briefly in another blog, but I'm gonna put a bit more detail into it here.

First off, lets say you just saw a movie, based in medival Europe, with a nobody farmer, gets trained as a knight, and that said knight gets a suit of silver armor, and goes out and kills orcs, goblins and dragons. Good or bad, the movie probably isn't going to linger in your mind for very long. This is because you have seen it before, you know orcs, you know dragons, you have already developed and understanding of these creatures. So if there are any lingering thoughts its probably on the main character and his personality and how lucky he was blah blah blah.

In avatar, almost 100% of the world is original, new planet, new creatures, new actor even. There isn't much detail in the movie on all these, it would be impossible to. So there is a lot you don't understand, and its human nature to want to understand. (for the most part at least) The feeling of not understanding in this case is my Avatar Addiction, which can be calmed down with doses of understanding.

So you think about something, say the Ikran, thinking it over and over, what it looks, sounds, and acts like. Trying to develop and understanding of it. Then you start to think about something else, and something else.Since its all original, you end up thinking about every damn part of the movie that you can remember, there's so much, it turns out to be all you do. That is Avatar addiction, the cure?

Complete understanding of the Avatar Universe, but who wants to be cured.

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