I, with the help of IWantheUltimateChange have constructed quite a large list of Avatar related videos. Interviews, behind the scenes, making of, etc.

Check it out here: Avatar video list

This blog has been made for the purpose correcting, and extending the list. This page will be linked on the page and will have that page in my signature. Please post in here new videos, report broken links, provide a better quality video of an existing one. Anything along those lines. You can also thank IWantheUltimateChange and me if you would like.

Please do not add links to that page yourself, as selfish as that sounds I would like to maintain consistent organization.

UPDATE Date 1:20AM(est) January 25th

Added videos Jay leno show to James Cameron and Sam worthington
Added videos Conan O'Brian show to James Cameron and Samworthingtn
Added video of Zoe Saldana on Jay Leno Show
NBC and Hulu streams do not work outside of USA sadly, if you have alternate links to those videos, please post them here.

Update Date 1:40AM(est) January 25th

Links found for global viewing of Sam worthington on Jay Leno
Links found for global viewing of Zoes 10 questions on Jay Leno

Update Date 9:47AM(est) January 25th

Link found for global viewing of James Cameron on Jay Leno

Update Date 12:43PM(est) January 25th

Added section Awards
Added subsection Golden Globes
Added Video of best director
Added Video of Best Action/Drama

UPDATE Date 6:33(est) January 25th

Added video on how avatar should have ended, under spoofs
Added video of Zoe talking on the Ellen Show
Added Video of Zoe and James Cameron under group interview

Update Date 2:28AM(est) January 26th

Added new section: Recently added, here newer videos will stand out, for about a week or so.(videos also linked in category)
Added Spoof, Avatar Hangover
Added spoof, Hitler approves of avatar
Added award, hollywood boulevard, James cameron receives his star
Added spoof, James cameron hits a guy with a chair
Added spoof, Hitler doesn't get to see avatar in 3d

Update Date 12:49PM(est) January 29th

Added new section, Offical Movie Clips
Added Clip, Learning to be Omaticaya Added Interview, Star movies VIP interviews Sigourney Weaver
Added Interview, Star movies VIP interviews Sam worthington
Added Interview, Star movies VIP interviews Zoe saldana
Added Interview, Star movies VIP interviews Stephan Lang
Added Interview, Star movies VIP interviews James Cameron
Added Interview, Sigourney Weaver talks on the Today show

Update Date 12:03AM(est) January 31th

Added Interview, James Cameron on 60 minutes, part 1 and 2

Update Date 12:01AM(est) February 10th

Added Section, Music video, for avatar related music videos
Added Music Video, Do you want to Date my Avatar

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