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    Just came back from the re-release almost three hours ago in IMAX 3D. That was the full story of Avatar. It was great. I loved the scenes where Trudy points out the sturmbeests, the sturmbeest hunt, and the aftermath of the bulldozer destruction, as well as the scene where an AMP is fighting a sturmbeest but the beestie wins. My buddy Keith was complaining: Why did'nt James Cameron just put all the filmed 18-27 minutes of footage into the original theatrical release? I just care about the November 4-disc ultimate edition. I See You.

    If you watch it, you will see:

    A. Food Wraps filled with some kind of fruit or nut

    B.In a funny scene where Jake steps on a Na'vi's tail, there is a group of Teylu to the left of the screen.

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    The truth about avatar

    August 27, 2010 by Jetfire606

    AVTR is a monumental movie, but I'm here to discuss the errors that could've made mer sense:</P>

    The RDA really did not have to wear exopacks. Why, because

    they were so frickin' greedy that before setting up the global colonizations all

    over Pandora, they could have just set up Atmosphere Processors (like LV-426 in

    Aliens) to make the air breathable so after they set up the processors, they

    could have colonies galore. Therefore, they could go packless except fer some

    areas. Next: How did Quaritch know where the link was? After he crashed the link

    shack, he could've just stabbed Neytiri and slit Jake. On the other hand, how was he going to get to the Tree of Souls and destroy it when he has no d-cutters? I mean, he has no cannon. No anything, so t…

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    Sweet? I think so. Next blog post is Alice in Wonderland (2010). Read more >
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    Hi. I'm officialy making this a classified document of the vehicles and weapons of the SDA, the megacorporation that operates the world's world weapons market. The Scientific Development Administration is one of the most powerful divisions in the world that is featured in my screenplay, AF: Alien Force. So, I'm gonna make many more blog posts, each and every one being about SDA vehicles, weapons, equipment, personnel, science, and the biology of Tetrosapia, the home planet to the sentient species called Petrosapiens.


    The JL-416 "Hydra" Armored Combat Mechanized Exoskeleton is …

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