Hi. Thsi is my first AUSSR blog post. War machine is so awesome. A 7.62mm minigun, eight missiles, and twin 9mm Subs. My concept of a similar exoskeleton is with two hip-mounted rocket launchers, a wrist mounted Vulcan, a right shouldered chain gun, and twelve left shouldered grenade launchers that are so fast that they sound like an AMP GAU-90. Anyway, can someone please tell me how to make an information grid!? I decided to highlight all the imporntant stuff in the James Cameron's AVTR Survival Handbook. I love to play AVTR the Game via Xbox LIVE. Seze is beautiful. I bought AVTR Norm Spellman, RDA Grace, and the Viperwolf Attack Set, and a month before I bought the i-Tag set, Leonopteryx, AVTR the Game, Jake Sully, and Direhorse. What the heck is Grace's weapon? Handcuffs? Taser? Sword? The guys at my job (Wal-Mart cashier) suggested a great idea that my boss reluctantly agreed with: Let us out early for an extra week, then have a dessert party. Sounds good to me. I don't have a girlfriend. Her's a tiny fragment of my script (its all I have):


AF: Alien Force by Jetfire606

DARKNESS. WE PAN IN INTO THE ALPHA CENTAURI SYSTEM. We can see its moons and stars, among suns. A cycan blue planet is seen in the background. We close in. A shard of the planet explodes and we see a large pod traveling at maximum hypervelocity throughout the Alpha Centauri system. We reach Earth. It turns into a misty city with the Empire State in the background as we pan in into the modern -day jungle of skyscrapers and sentry guns circa 2012 A.D.

Voice (V.O.):

When I was young, everyone would tell me that my own concepts were too far and that I need to flush my find of fiction. I wonder what they would have to say if they saw our world now. The world isn't fighting for freedom. We've lost our true potential as humans on this Earth. We're employing computers out there. No one is good enough to fight themselves.

In a consistently rainy New York City, a bulky, armored, large dodeca-wheeled vehicle pulls up to a dreary Chrysler Building. It is a AT-PC Mark G14 Armed Escorter Vehicle. It is perfectly built as the cross between a Jeep, a Humvee, and an M1 Abrams. The body seems to expand. It has several slippery bar points and twin automatic heads-up display controlled autocannons. Out comes Jake Tennyson. Jake stares upward at the changed world. Various SUV's run at 400 mph on magnetic highways. He seems like a gruff person, due to the hard blue color in his eyes. Every single building in the Big Apple has modified rocket launchers, autosnipers, missile launchers, grenade turrets, turrets, sentry turrets, machine guns, and miniguns. A cross betwwen a Dystopian environment , a clean Dubai paradise, and a THX 1138. He is the most sucessful industrialist, biologist, scientist, and weapons designer in the world. His house is three times the size of the best five-star hotel in the world in width. Its height is at 80.03 meters. He has a consortium of two corporations: the Scientific Development Administartion and TenCorp, an eco-friendly megacorporation friends with European and South African companies. Jake walks into the Chrysler to speak to Carter Tennyson, his distant relative.

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