6:05 AM---May 22, 2010: Hi. Here's yer rundown of the weapons systems, Little Zane: The All-Terrain Personnel Carrier Mark G14 Armerd Escorter Vehicle, or "Rhino", is a powerhouse. We begin with the front of the car. Under the hood is a 625-voltage Terrain-Intergrated Turbine Generator. The outside front actually starts with the bumper. The bumper is a long crossbar that is slippery red titanium/diamond material. When facing a thick, humid environment filled with vegetation, the Rhino has one solution: The bumper lifts up, and a blade cutter roughly two meters in diameter starts chopping down. Drivers deliberately cruise the vehicles in maple forsets or orchards. Also on the front of the vehicle, there are twin 60mm Dillon-Aero miniguns with flash suppressors along with thick, diamond-titanium armor. Strangely, both sides of the door carry four GTG (ground-to-ground) Stallion MK-6 indenciary missiles. The rear as a neat trick: There are three 20mm Vulcan cannons (all sharing the same armor plate) that extend over three meters and are remotely controlled via joystick by the driver, plus the door guns: high indenciary grenade launchers, Vulcans, and/or rocket launchers. There's yer rundown. Can someone tell me how to make an information grid?!?!?! By the Way, my script is a film script that I plan to send to James Cameron. Also, a few strategic tips to AVTR The Game on XBOX Live for the best level ever (Hell's Gate Missile Defense): Get in an AMP Suit. The Na'vi will always first start with Missile Number Two. If you kill a Na'vi at Missile No. 2, then go back to the rebirth point and just keep gettin' em. Always use this combo set: the Assault Rifle Solaris, the M60 Viper, the Grenade Launcher Solar, Combat Shotgun Phlanx, Genetic Regenerator, Repulsor, Superfast , and Invisibilty. The Dual Wasps will get you nowhere in life. Never, ever, ever expect to get out the AMP Suit when two Na'vi are ganging up on you. Follow this advice, and yer good.

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