Hi. I'm officialy making this a classified document of the vehicles and weapons of the SDA, the megacorporation that operates the world's world weapons market. The Scientific Development Administration is one of the most powerful divisions in the world that is featured in my screenplay, AF: Alien Force. So, I'm gonna make many more blog posts, each and every one being about SDA vehicles, weapons, equipment, personnel, science, and the biology of Tetrosapia, the home planet to the sentient species called Petrosapiens.


JL-416 "Hydra" Armored Combat Mechanized Exoskeleton
Flora Information

4 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance

AF:Alien Force

Last appearance

AF:Alien Force

The JL-416 "Hydra" Armored Combat Mechanized Exoskeleton is the SDA's heavily armed mobility platform that has been operational since 2001 in the SDA experimental fields. It is extremely vicious and can take on dozens of enemies without taking a scratch. It is only the first Mark in its series and is extremely hi-tech, having automatic weapons psionically and motion-controlled. The inside core of the suit is very comforatable, in which the driver sits in a chair. There is the translucent glass heads-up display that shows the current controls. The suit is controlled via twin glove-like robotic prothesises. The suit was conceived on December 24, 2001, when head administrator James Tennyson thought of producing a "War Machine" that would be the most powerful weapon ever made. The design was then made a "mech" design due to the easy mobility allowed unlike the current bulky designs of other mechs. The vehicle is often operated in pitch darkness. Specifications are radar, sonar, television, internet, time, internet preferences, 3d models, contact telecommunications, and reloaders. The suits weapons are twin Dillon-Aero miniguns with flash supressors, twin RPG-7 launchers, hip-mounted gatling guns, a modular missile launcher, M26 MASS shoutgun system, 9mm subs, FN-F2000 assault rifles, Claridge hi-tech pistols, Milkor MGL cannons, and a shoulder gyroscopic 20mm Vulcan cannon with extensive ammunitions.

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