20th Century Fox
Third Dragon Pilot
Valkyrie with Scorpion Escort
Valkyrie Cockpit

"We are goona lose some paint in here........"

Samson M60 Door Gunner
RDA Security Prison Cell
RDA Airfleet 02
RDA Airfleet
Hometree Assault
Samsons Landing
Closest Bayonet
Wainfleet's GAU-90
Seze 01
RDA Holo-Projector
HUD Touchscreen
Wasp Revolver
Valkyrie Gun Crew
Valkyrie Defeat
Still Going
The Final Strike
Strike of the Hammerheads
Survival of the Fittest
Samson 16 Cockpit
Quaritch's Battle Speech
Samson Chaser
Samson 02
SA-2 Tiltrotor
Jake Sully's Last Video Log
Domination over Hammerheads
Dragon Arnaments- Gatling guns, sentry guns, IFF beacon
Enemy Arrival
Dragon Gatlings
Samson 16 Frontal View
Dragon Assault Ship
C-21 Cockpit
AVTR Monitor Display
Banshee Eyes
AMP Suit Cockpit

Movement at 500 meters........

AMP Suits Deployed by Valkyrie

Battle for Pandora.........I mean seriously, what the Quaritch are these things? So bulkhead.

Automatic MBS 9M 50. Caliber Hydras
Samson 16
Hammerhead Titanothere
Beyond Glory
AMP Suit Utility
Munincipal Crematorium
ISV Shield
Valkyrie 01
Hell Trucks
Valkyrie 02
RDA Holomapper


 Sweet? I think so. Next blog post is Alice in Wonderland (2010).

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